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Squatting on the toilet and falling down

Give your family a convenient and safe


Easy to use even for elderly people – Focusing on their needs

Provides a layer of protective barrier to avoid direct contact with unsanitary public restrooms for a hygienic

They made my camping trip so much easier.

These toilet covers come individually packaged. Conveniently access to pocket, shoulder bag, backpack, work bag or travel bag.

No harm to the environment

Biodegradable plastic will be naturally decomposed after 6 months

Have you ever encountered such a toilet?

There are urine stains and a shoe print on the commode.

There are some commodes that look very clean, but it is still not sanitary for you to use.

No Worry Of Public Toilet Anymore

Symmetric design quickly matches various toilet seats🚽Suitable for almost every toilet⚠.

Can be withdrawn with one hand after use,clean and hygienic(please dispose of in the garbage)

Individually Wrapped

Widely Used For Public Restrooms

Widely used for many occasions like vacations, road trips, camping, and outing in airports, stations, hostels, hotels, hospitals, amusement parks, shopping centers, and so on.


🚽Suitable for almost every toilet⚠

Waterproof & Non-slip

The seat protectors are made from PO material and are waterproof.

The toilet seat covers will not slip or slide, as they are put into the toilet seat to avoid falling off the seat, providing protection for your family.

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